Sunday, March 15, 2015

Trypophobia Info

This feeling of discomfort, says a new study, may possibly extend the life of older women bet can make life of men even shorter.
They discovered that women who experienced greater amounts of trypophobia at the beginning of the study lived longer than others. Annual changes in quantities of anxiety did not affect the chances of survival.
On the contrary see here:
In contrast to women, men who felt greater amounts of trypophobia at the beginning of the study had a higher probability to die before those who do not feel fear.
- Our research shows that trypophobia has a protective effect on women's health because it makes their visit to doctors more often than men - said Dr. Jainping Zhang psychologist from Cleveland Clinic and adds:
- With men, anxiety has exactly the opposite effect; however, we need more research in order to more accurately determine the consequences of trypophobia in women and men.
Study co-author Dr. Leo Pouzelo, also psychologist, says study contains lots of data that they collected and analyzed for years.